Python Book

This book is compilation of materials used in Python Training conducted by me. Course itself written in a form of series of Jupyter notebooks with slides to give students interactive materials during presentation on each live session. And this book serves the purpose to be a "static" version of all slides kept in one place.

means it is already written, other chapters will be filled in gradually...

Short course overview:

  1. Hello World
    • Introduction to Python, motivation and overview
  2. Basic Types #1
    • Classification of types, introspection, numbers, strings
  3. Basic types #2
    • Lists, tuples, dicts, conditions, loops
  4. Functions
    • Functions, generators, lambdas
  5. Functional Programming
    • builtins, map, filter, functools.reduce
  6. Styling, modules/pakages
    • Zen of Python, PEP 8
  7. OOP
    • OOP basics, magic methods, MRO
  8. Decorators, Exceptions
    • Basic of Decorators, Pearametrized Decorators, Exceptions, Context managers
  9. Testing
    • doctest, unittest
  10. Web testing
    • Web testing basics, Selenium
  11. Advanced Topics
    • Threading, multiprocessing
    • subprocess, sys, shutil
    • Serialization

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